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Year 6 Students Fly to New Heights

​Students work together to stay afloat.
This term Minimbah State School sent their Year six students on a three night camp to Luther Heights Youth Camp at Coolumn.  Whilst on camp, students participated in team building and leadership experiences, whilst enjoying a range of fun and engaging.
On arrival, students and teachers embarked on a great walk to Mount Coolumn, where enthusiastic participants continued the trek up the mountain to enjoy the breathtaking views of the majestic beaches and lush hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.  This was followed by a leisurely stroll back to camp along the picturesque shores of Coolumn Beach.
Throughout the four day camp, students enthusiastically engaged in activities where they deepened their knowledge and understanding of value and respect for themselves and one another.  Students’ ability to listen to one another was developed through team challenges that involved all students working together to balance on a ‘whale tale’.  Students also learned to trust one another as they moved carefully around the low ropes obstacle course working with ‘spotters’ who ensured that everyone remained safe. 
Raft building was a popular activity enjoyed by the students.  Encouraging team work, the activity involved students working collaboratively and cooperatively to build their own rafts using bamboo, water barrels and ropes.  Students were enthusiastic as they worked together to build the rafts, but most of the fun was endured as each group attempted to cross the damn without sinking.  Whilst most of the rafts were strong enough to make the journey from one side of the damn to the other, there were a few casualties.  Nevertheless, students enjoyed the challenge and ensured that all ‘parts’ were safely returned to shore.
The highlight of the camp for most students was the 200 metre flying fox.  All students were encouraged to give it a go and for some it was a large step out of their comfort zones.  Whilst some students were apprehensive due to the height and length of the task, all students challenged themselves to at least climb the ladder to stand on the platform.  Most students took the leap and although bellowing screams could be heard all across the coast, all students who did participate were extremely enthusiastic to have another go.
Overall, it was a successful camp that fostered personal growth through new experiences and it was immensely enjoyed by all students and teachers.