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New Tuckshop convenor Required

Minimbah State School: Parents & Citizens Association
Information for applicants in applying for the permanent position of Paid Tuckshop Convenor
Location:               Minimbah State School
                                Cnr Walkers Road and Minimbah Drive
                                Morayfield Qld 4506
Employer:              Minimbah State School Parents and Citizens Association
Hours of Duty: Approximately 25 – 30 including ADO’s (to be negotiated with successful applicant/s)
Applications Close: Tuesday 23 October 2012, interviews may follow for shortlisted candidates.
Please mark all applications “Private and Confidential: Attention School Principal/P & C President”
Commencement Date: Monday 29 October 2012
Remuneration in accordance with all current Award Conditions and entitlements. There is a requirement to work additional hours in accordance with ADO (Accumulated Days Off) arrangements.
Please supply a one page CV, outlining your contact details, employment history, relevant experience, referees and any qualifications held.
Also, please provide information as to your ability, capability and capacity to perform the duties as listed below (two page maximum).
  • This position may be available for two people part-time if mutually convenient.
  • People with current food handling qualifications, will be considered highly.
  • It is a requirement that the successful person, hold a current positive notice for Working with Children.
1.       The convenor must abide by the constitution, policies, procedures and protocols of the Minimbah State School Parents & Citizens Association (the employer).
2.       The convenor shall open and close the tuckshop and must be in the school tuckshop at times as detailed in the letter of appointment.
3.       The convenor must plan the daily, weekly and monthly work of the tuckshop including any special days, feature days and cultural days.
4.       The convenor will cater for school sports days, open days or other catering approved by the P&C Association.
5.       The convenor will undertake training opportunities in the areas of nutrition hygiene and management of volunteers as directed by the association.
6.       The convenor is to report to the tuckshop subcommittee all matters which affect the running of the tuckshop, including information concerning latest available products and price changes.
7.       The convenor shall allocate tasks to voluntary workers (e.g. food preparation, stock rotation, serving, washing up routine, cleaning and periodic cleaning).
8.       The convenor shall train new volunteers in their duties or delegate this duty to another experienced person, ensuring all volunteers are taught the correct use of equipment and good hygiene practices in accordance with workplace health and safety guidelines.
9.       The convenor (or in the absence of the convenor the agreed replacement convenor) must supervise all work carried out in the tuckshop.
10.    The convenor must ensure that all volunteers are familiar with the policy of the tuckshop regarding the purchase of food and drinks. Volunteers can have tea, coffee and iced tap water; other drinks are to be purchased. Volunteers are allowed a simple standard lunch e.g. a salad roll, free of charge - other food items are to be purchased. No food or drinks are to be supplied free of charge to the school age children of volunteers.
11.    The convenor should assist any volunteers who may become ill or be injured and give details to the school administration and the Association without delay (as per school procedures).
12.    The convenor must restrict entry to the tuckshop to only those authorised to be there.
13.    The convenor is to maintain co-operative relationships with voluntary workers, staff and the school community eg. ensure they are informed about variations to school routine etc.
14.    The convenor must train volunteers in the correct procedures for signing on and off and maintain a record of attendance of voluntary workers. Volunteers should record time of arrival and departure.
15.    The convenor must devise an efficient, time-saving cleaning program as part of the daily routine to prevent contamination of food, remove conditions that encourage bacterial growth and remove traces of food that attract vermin.
16.    The convenor must ensure that correct hygiene practices are observed eg: avoid touching money when handling food, use of gloves etc.
17.    The convenor must place garbage bins and recycling bins with scraps for compost, outside the tuckshop for daily emptying. To prevent contamination the tuckshop must have adequate bins inside and outside the tuckshop that are regularly emptied and maintained. Bins used inside the tuckshop must have tight fitting lids and not be allowed to overflow. Inside bins are to be washed daily.
18.    The convenor must advise the tuckshop subcommittee of any equipment or repairs required.
19.    The convenor must advise the school administration and/or tuckshop subcommittee of any security concerns.
20.    The convenor must ensure that equipment is used correctly, cleaned promptly and well maintained.
21.    The convenor shall order goods from suppliers approved by the tuckshop subcommittee
22.    The convenor shall check deliveries for quality (and temperature where appropriate), return any stock not up to standard and obtain credit notes for these. Match quantities with delivery dockets before signing.
23.    The convenor will organise and retain delivery dockets and credit notes in a book. Make this available to the tuckshop Treasurer.
24.    The convenor will enter deliveries in the stock record book. Ensure that dockets or proof of purchase is supplied with all stock.
25.    The convenor must conduct stocktake at the end of each month or term and make a copy available to the tuckshop subcommittee.
26.    The convenor must observe secure control of takings.
27.    The convenor, together with a volunteer, should clear the cash trays, count the money and record the takings in the daily takings book (countersigned by both parties), arrange for the daily banking and retain the float for the next day's trading.
28.    The convenor will return keys, daily banking and float to school office before leaving daily.
29.    The convenor will ensure that appliances are switched off and the windows are locked before leaving tuckshop premises.
30.    The convenor is responsible for the end of year clean-up, including the cleaning of fridges and freezers.
31.    The convenor will ensure that any inquiries, issues or concerns are directed to the tuckshop subcommittee for action and are recorded in the next general meeting of the committee.